Tattered Rag Magazine

March 31, 2012

The Forgotten Copper

Disbanding the production of copper currency is a smart financial and economical decision for the Canadian government. A decision that the United States should soon follow suit. By not producing the penny, millions of dollars can be saved. Millions of dollars that could be used more productively elsewhere. Say, I don’t know, paying down the National Debt!

The penny really has lost its value and respect. Every day thousands, even millions, are trampled on and forgotten about. Very few people really see them for who they are. They have been around and seen a lot since their creation. The myriad of stories they could each tell. Each one of them used to bring a simple smile to child’s face with just a piece of candy. 

My keen sense of observation and I refuse to leave them abandoned on roadsides and floors, dizzied in washing machines or drowned in fountains. We will continue to rescue them. While their careers as a national currency may be over, these coppers still have a lot to live for. For instance, being tossed into cans for general merriment and amusement, (which is actually quite addicting and so much fun!)