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November 21, 2016

Music Monday:

Fresh off the release of her sixth album, The Weight of These Wings, Miranda Lambert crafts a two-disc collection of stories about picking up the pieces of our broken hearts & finding a way to somehow making them feel whole again. Tin Man resonates deep from experience. Broken hearts remind us, once again, just how human we are.

Check out the rest of Miranda's latest album, The Weight of These Wings.
August 11, 2015

Summer Night Opera

summer, summer
nights of sweetness
sweat & soul
‘tis you I long after
& adore

yr a song
i relish to remember
a sound that soothes
my thoughts, calms
my angst, stirs
my soul with peace
& passion deeply

setting sun
& rising moon
you bring a feeling far better
than this one I’m feeling now
kiss me & sing me
softly to sleep

summer, summer
nights lukewarm & sticky
crickets chirping a cheery melody
the winds whisper over
in hushed harmony
the rhythmic beat
of aluminum trash cans rolling
down sidewalks
& dimly lit streets
neighbouring canines
howl out the bridge
& in the faint distance
a bike’s idle motor
hums the bass line
awaiting the signal for go
to glow

& here on the grassy knoll
lightly & quietly
i lie
staring up at a star-lit sky
even as droplets of water begin trickling
down into my eyes
& melting into my skin

summer, summer
the opus of love
the opera of summer nights