Tattered Rag Magazine

February 6, 2017

To See or Not To See

*Note: This is an article that I wrote in February of 2012 & had originally published it on a now outdated website of mine.

Well, Punxsutawney Phil and his friends seem to be in a bit of a trifle dissensus concerning the prolonging of this years winter. While Phil may have awoke to see his shadow this morning, many of his friends across the North American continent, did not. From Staten Island Chuck to Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, the predictions are unanimous, “Hello, Spring!”

So, could Phil be wrong? Given the fact that it actually is a grey, obscure sort of day, yes, he may have been off his game today. But that’s okay. Meteorologists are wrong all the time. Skin or fur, nobody is perfect.

Perhaps the more important question is why there is an entire day devoted to these supposed rodent weather experts? The real reason the males emerge from their holes in February is not to predict the weather, but to find a mate, instead. See, mankind are not the only ones to celebrate love in the second month. *wink*